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Company HOUSEHAM (Hausen) - a leading manufacturer of self-propelledmounted and trailed sprayers in the UK.

The company was founded in 1985 and is due to high quality products quickly gained a leading position in the field sprayers. To date Househam offers a full range of equipment for chemical plant protection.

Sprayers Househam this:

- British build quality

- Multiple use

- High performance

- Reliability

- High flexibility specification machines that can be adapted to work with any requirements of crops or farmers.

Sprayers Househam is comfortable and efficient machines that are designed to work with fields of different areas (at different distances), with heavy soils and conditions that require increased throughput and speed.

We use an individual approach to each of our clients, each client can turn to us to express their demands and wishes to the technique and we will try to satisfy them.