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Sprayer strawberries.

If you need to make your sprayer can spray a culture as strawberries, you can easily do it with a sprayer Househam.

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High clearance.

You need to spray high culture? You need a high clearance sprayer with?
Sprayers Househam, can be a high ground clearance, such as you need to.

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Chemical injection system.

You have different fields to be sprayed differently. Thus chemicals should not stir. Chemical injection system will wash sprayer so that after washing you can safely fill other chemicals and do not worry that it will mix with the previous one.

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Vegetable sprayer.

Vegetable sprayers are able to adjust the width of the track, for precise placement of the wheels between the rows. A wide selection of bars of various parameters.

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Setting the spreader.

Do you have a manure spreader? You can easily put it on the sprayer Househam.

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